Unlocking the Secrets of Snapchat Planets Order: A Guide to Your Friendship Solar System

Snapchat Planets Order

Snapchat, a popular multimedia messaging app, has a unique feature that has intrigued users: The newest version of this feature is called the “Snapchat planets order. ” This is a part of the friendship solar system which puts friends in SP order based on the frequency of use of the app.  In this article the reader is going to get an elaborated definition of what is meant by the term: “Snapchat planets order”, and its mechanism.

Closely related to the notion of the Planets Order, there is a question about its representation in the framework of the snapchat.

The “Snapchat planets order” about how snapchat arranges your list of friends, with ranking whereby you are closer in proximity to the top.  There are different levels of recognition of friends as if friends are a new planet in a solar system, and the position of the friends means how frequently they meet.

Key Points of Snapchat planets order:

This is because through this symbolism, the it seeks to carve a very light manner of ordering friends.

The planets and their dimensions can be perceived as friends, while the sun represents the person using the tarot.

The less a friend’s planet locus is from the sun the less frequently one would perform a relationship. The more remote a friend’s planet locus is from the sun the less often one would interrelate.

The order of planets in Snapchat might not be in a normal order because it is quite entertaining and challenging to figure out.

 Snapchat planets order Interaction-Based Ranking

It is also worthy of note that there is a way snapchat aligns these individual planets in a way that is referred to as the snapchat planets order and this is based on degree of interaction and interactivity between friends including the frequent and quality interactions respectively.  This entails ranging from sending snaps, taking our time to chat, as well as commenting on each other’s stories too.

Visual Representation 

Sun: In view of the layout of the art and the use of symbolisms in the map you are situated at the middle of the sun or literally at the bottom if a user.

Snapchat Planets Order

Planets: From the described queues, one can metaphorically speak about friends as the planets.  After Mercury, comes Venus, then follows our planet, Earth, then Mars followed by Jupiter, the planet with rings Saturn and then Uranus and Neptune.

Example of Snapchat Planets Order:This is an illustration of an understanding of how planets can be arranged in Snapchat:

Mercury: Previous research has established that when people have most contact with the individual, he or she is their best friend.

Venus: He is only behind the sender of the first message in the total number of transactions and interaction with his friends.

Earth: Third of the hypothetical Snapchat planets – series of series.

For the plan of Snapchat Planets, it is essential to assess future outcomes in the following points:

Easy Identification

It can help users to determine some of the immediate friends without having to go around so many pages or lists.  It may reduce the emphasis on the complication of friend management but generates a convenient environment for the users.

Gamified Experience

Many more people will still order the planets in the ‘Snapchat planets order’ app since it is enjoyable and fun; in the process of ordering the planets, people are going to call their friends to check the new order.

Encourages Interaction

By presenting friends as planets, Snapchat indirectly encourages the customers to stay_FRIENDS works together and interact more often in order to move friends to the positions closer to one another in the ”Snapchat planets order. ”

Here is the simple guide on how to view your Snapchat Planets order:

To view your “Snapchat planets order,” follow these steps:To view your “Snapchat planets order,” follow these steps:

Snapchat, need to go to the profile menu to make the necessary changes or addition.

Click the “Friend Solar System” icon again, tap it.

Look at the snapchat planet order in regards to your friends, the planets that represent them.


This is because it’s important for people to stay active with their friends’ “Snapchat planets order”.

You can also observe periodic changes in the turnaround frequency to monitor changes in the levels of interaction.


The concept of Snapchat planets order is considered as one of the helpful tactics to manage friendships on the platform and, at the same time, is entertaining. Besides the fact that the application allows the use of friends as planets which makes it easy for the users to separate the people they know from the unknown, it makes it very enjoyable to be using the application. If you are just an ordinary user or an obvious fan of Snapchat, having some knowledge about the “Snapchat planets order” will be helpful in the social world of the app.

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